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SunMaxx Solar Thermal System Installed in Casselberry, Florida

In January 2013, a residential solar thermal system was installed by and for Bob Goodman in Casselberry, Florida. The system includes one ThermoPower VHP-20 solar collector, roof mounted, as well as an 80 gallon HelioMaxx Pro Electric Backup tank. Bob is now reaping the benefits of solar thermal technology and says, “even with the extra company of five people at his home, he didn’t need to use any electricity to heat his hot water!”

SunMaxx Solar’s Eco Kits Facilitate Customers’ Transition to Solar Thermal Power

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Tuesday, December 11, 2012 – Binghamton, New York – SunMaxx Solar, a leading integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components, offers the Retrofit Eco Kit which makes the transition to solar thermal a lot easier. SunMaxx Solar’s Retrofit Eco Kit facilitates the transition to solar thermal due to its ingenious design. The mechanics of the Eco Kit allows it to be equally efficient in both warm and cold climates. This reduces the room for error when it comes to installing the correct solar thermal system for your area. The Retrofit aspect of the Eco Kit […]

SunMaxx Introduces Streamlined HelioMaxx Pre-Packaged Kits

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Tuesday, November 27, 2012 – Binghamton, New York – SunMaxx Solar, a leading integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components is excited to introduce its new & improved streamlined HelioMaxx Pre-Packaged Kits. SunMaxx Solar streamlined the HelioMaxx Pre-Packaged Kits for both commercial and residential customers. With the new and efficient pre-package kits, it takes only three simple steps to have your business or home set up with SunMaxx’s cost efficient and eco-friendly systems. First, you choose your kit depending on the climate of your region. Second, select your desired size. Lastly, decide which solar collectors […]

How long does it usually take to install a prepackaged DHW kit?

Well, that all depends but usually 2 workers can install a simple DHW kit and have it fully commissioned within 3 days. There are some cases where only 2 days is required and some days more. Our Heliomaxx kits are designed for simplicity and we expect that you shouldn’t really need more than 48 total hours for a job and could be as low as 32.

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