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Texas Has The Largest Solar Potential In The Country

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Do you know that the sunshine that falls on Texas in a month contains more energy than all of the oil that has ever been pumped in the state can generate. Texas is the state that has the largest solar potential in the country, yet it only ranked tenth nationwide in terms of installed solar power generation capacity, enough solar energy installed to power 11,900 homes.

According to U.S. Energy Information Administration Residential Energy Consumption Survey, the average annual household electricity cost in Texas is close to $2,000, one of the highest in the nation; and water heating is the third highest energy expense. The government is on the move to maximize the usage of the solar potential in Texas with solar incentive programs to support solar energy.

CEO Adam Farrell of Sunmaxx Solar, leading global provider of solar thermal systems, says, “The solar potential in Texas is incredible. To know that the government has strong incentives to stimulate growth of the solar industry in Texas is even better news. I believe solar thermal will replace conventional water heaters in the state in the near future, cutting energy cost significantly for all households.”

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