SunMaxx Solar’s CEO Adam Farrell Speaks in Summit at Cornell University

SunMaxx Solar’s CEO Adam Farrell Speaks in Summit at Cornell University

Ithaca, NY March 31, 2011

SunMaxx Solar’s CEO Adam Farrell participated in the We Live NY Summit held at Cornell University’s Statler Hotel from March 24-26, 2011. Attracting the bright entrepreneurial minds of Cornell University, the summit aimed to foster an environment where successful NY business leaders could impart their wisdom and experiences of establishing their companies to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

In this harsh economic environment, many students are looking to make their own opportunities. Armed with questions from how to find funding to how to utilize community resources, these young entrepreneurs eagerly listened to the experiences the panelists’ shared. As a Cornell University alumnus, SunMaxx Solar’s CEO Adam Farrell relayed his experience of starting his first company, Silicon Solar, as a high school student at the age of 15.

Recognizing the importance and potential of solar energy, his role as a forerunner in championing solar thermal systems in the United States captivated the audience. Knowing that any person, regardless of age, can make a substantial positive impact, Farrell has incorporated this into his vision in his current company, SunMaxx Solar.

Through generous donations, most recently donating $3500 of solar flat plate collectors to two Texas schools, Farrell hopes SunMaxx Solar will bolster interest among the younger generations towards capturing the full potential of solar energy. He believes it is crucial to introduce students to the new technology in hopes to spark interest in solar innovation in the future leaders of the country. Inspired by Francis Bacon’s quote “Knowledge is power,” SunMaxx Solar is dedicated to arming younger generations with the knowledge and the tools needed we enter a new era where the knowledge about alternative energy sources is power.

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