SunMaxx Solar CEO Introduces “Empower the Earth Program” at UN Event

SunMaxx Solar CEO Introduces “Empower the Earth Program” at UN Event

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SunMaxx Solar CEO, Adam Farrell, was recently invited to attend the “Revolution” series premier at the United Nations to spread the word about Solar Thermal Systems to the international community.

During the event, Farrell spoke to various UN leaders about the growth of solar technology and its importance in countries all over the world. “SunMaxx has always provided solar thermal systems to the international community. Today, the SHW demand in third world countries is sky rocketing because of the high cost of electricity.”

Also the CEO of Silicon Solar, Farrell made officials aware about the new community outreach initiative within both companies, “Empower Earth Program.” The program teaches communities about solar systems. Farrell explains, “it is incredibly important for the international community to be aware of this program. It will make a difference in the quality of life for so many people all over the world.”

Silicon Solar’s, Stephen Leung, heads up the program. “We are going to different schools, setting up areas with videos, products, and other tools to teach kids about solar technology and the importance of solar in the future.”

Leung also says the program also includes fundraising to help developing countries access solar benefits. It is a section that allows customers to help us make a difference. Leung explains the initiative will include fundraising for a range of projects like, “a school in Africa get a hot water system, install a lighting system for a village in India.”

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