SunMaxx Solar’s Marketing Specialist Featured on the Cover of Solar Industry Magazine

SunMaxx Solar’s Marketing Specialist Featured on the Cover of Solar Industry Magazine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Friday,November 2, 2012 – Binghamton, New York – Solar Industry is a magazine that is distributed monthly to participating producers and interested consumers within the solar industry. The magazine focuses on tools and trends that “shake” the market.  SunMaxx Solar’s Marketing Specialist, Matthew Brown is proudly on the cover of Solar Industry Magazine with his article on unorthodox solar sales strategy.

Matt Brown’s article aims to expand the market for solar thermal collectors while redefining solar thermal collectors in a more simple and approachable direction. Brown believes that using excessively technical terms and offering too many product choices is inhibiting the solar thermal market from expanding to the broad public simply because it’s not that simple. The article assures other distributors of solar thermal systems that trying to sound overly sophisticated and scientific will scare customers and cause them to overthink and second-guess their purchase.

Matt Brown quotes his article, “A powerful way to illustrate the financial benefit of solar thermal collectors is to relate it to other investments.”

Adam Farrell, the CEO of SunMaxx Solar, comments, “In order for the solar thermal industry to survive, it is crucial for manufacturers and integration partners to work together to ensure the proper messages are communicated to customers and interested patrons. Without this, solar thermal sales will continue to be challenged by competing technologies including heat pumps, solar PV, and other energy efficiency technologies that take a less technical approach to customers. A focus on marketing is vital for the survival and success of the solar thermal industry.”

As SunMaxx Solar continues to grow every day, the company never fails to uphold its philosophy of building a sustainable future for our global community. In today’s energy consuming world, SunMaxx Solar offers world-class solar and renewable energy products, striving to meet the increasing need for alternative energy sources.

To read Matthew Brown’s full article, please go to the cover of the October 2012 issue of Solar Industry.

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