Restored Sunshine Program: It’s Always Sunny in Pennsylvania (not just Philadelphia)

Restored Sunshine Program: It’s Always Sunny in Pennsylvania (not just Philadelphia)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 11, 2013 – Binghamton, NY – SunMaxx Solar, a leading vertically integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components, is excited to share news that funding has been restored to the existing Pennsylvania Sunshine Rebate Program.

Thanks to $7.25 million in funding from the Commonwealth Financing Authority, the PA Sunshine program, which was authorized in July 2008 and began accepting applications in May 2009 under the administration of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), is once again actively seeking applications for solar rebates.  The DEP is reserving a portion of these funds to satisfy rebate reservations and applications for projects that have been previously submitted but on a waiting list.

The Sunshine program provides homeowners and small business owners with a newly installed solar system (solar thermal or photo-voltaic , the opportunity to qualify for state rebates that range from $7,500 for a residential system to $52,500 for a small commercial system.

Along with renewed funding, the DEP made some changes that include a stream-lined one step application process as well as hosting events/webinars to answer questions and assist interested parties. Consumers still must choose an installer from an approved installer list and the installer will complete and submit the PA Sunshine Rebate Application Package online.  And, in order to be eligible for the first come, first served rebate program which began January 26, 2013, you must have constructed or completed your project after that date. And any project prior to that date must have a current approved rebate reservation from prior to January 26, 2013.

Edward Gunn, Sales Manager at SunMaxx Solar, says, “we’re excited to see the Sunshine Program with renewed funding, as it’s one of the best state rebate programs in the country. The Sunshine rebate at 35% coupled with the Federal tax credit 30% and you are looking at over 60% of the system cost covered with tax credits and rebates for residential.  And if you look at a commercial system, which is also eligible for accelerated depreciation, you’re looking at 80 to 90% of the system costs covered!  Please feel free to contact SunMaxx or your representative for a system analysis with a  financial model and to go over any questions you may have.”

As SunMaxx Solar continues to grow every day, the company never fails to uphold its philosophy of building a sustainable future for our global community. By making its products simpler and more applicable to the general public, our community can make strides towards lessening our carbon footprint. In today’s energy consuming world, SunMaxx Solar offers world-class solar and renewable energy products, striving to meet the increasing need for alternative energy sources.

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